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What is hypnosis?

It is a doorway between the conscious mind and the subconscio align="right"us mind. There are four states of consciousness:

  1. - Full conscious awareness. This is where we spend our daily activities (beta)
  2. - Hypnosis begins when in the Alpha range.
  3. - A dream-like state is when in the Theta range.
  4. - The sleep state is when in the Delta range.

When in the Hypnotic state, memories become easily accessible, as you are experiencing without having the judgemental conscious mind getting in the way. if for any reason whatsoever, you are not comfortable with the hypnosis suggestions, you will not accept them. You are always in control.

Suggestions for succeeding in your main design must be acceptable to your values or they would have no effect. However, when you are comfortable with the suggestions, you desire can be undeniably reached.


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