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Psychic Consultations

Do you have questions about love, money or your career? Anne can give you the Guidance you need in Life!

No matter if you're concerned about love, your investments or you feel lost because a loved one has passed on, Anne Miller's capabilities as a psychic medium can help you.

All of Anne's consultations are peacefully and lovingly given from her inner knowledge of:

  • Mediumship- perceiving information from an intelligence from the Etheric World
  • Clairsentience- perceiving information by feeling
  • Clairvoyant- receiving information by seeing
  • Clairaudient- Hearing cosmic vibrations
  • Spirit communications- transfer information from an etheric world intelligence
  • Spiritual healing- assisting the healing of mind, body, spirit and soul through God's energy.
  • Past life regression- therapy to guide you through past lifetimes and unlock self-destructive behavior to achieve healing
  • Reiki healing- a Japanese technique of "laying on of the hand."

Anne will come to your home or workplace to read for you and your friends! Host a Psychic Party for 8 or more people and your reading is free! Anne will conduct a half-hour taped reading for each of your guests and your reading is free!

Let Anne know your available dates and location and time by phone or thru our contact page.

Telephone Readings are the Next Best Thing!

When your schedule or location won't permit an in-person reading with Anne, then contact her for a convenient reading over the phone. Just as accurate as being there, Anne will be able to answer your most urgent questions! Let Anne dates and times you are available thru our contact form. Please specify an hour or a half hour reading. Once Anne confirms your date and time , you can pay using PayPal before your reading.

All online reading customers must be 18 years or old. Anne's advice is not t be interpreted as a diagnosis for any medical condition. You must seek professional medial attention. Anne also cannot change free will.

Private, in-person readings, or Psychic Party consultations with Anne are by appointment only. Check with Ann's schedule by sending an email with dates and times you are available with our contact form. Please specify whether your request is for in-person, telephone or Psychic Party.


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