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Anne's Story

Anne was born on a farm nestled in the Pennsylvania hills, and from a very young age realized that she knew things that others did not. She would hear footsteps and there would be no one there. She would hear talking and lively conversations and there would be no one present. She tried to ignore these things, howeve it did not work. Many unexplained things happened in many places she lived. After ESP classes and finding others experienced the same things, she felt she was not really different at all and had found her "nitch." After ending a career in Real Estate, she became a Psychic Medium.

Reverend Anne Miller follows a line of "gifted" relatives. Her Grandmother ministered to the sick and had a wonderful healing ability, as did her Mother. Her daughter, Brenda Miller Brand is following with amazing abilities as the fifth generation of Psychic and healing abilities. Brenda's son Zachary is just beginning a career with his "gift" of Intuitiveness.
Anne does Psychic readings with Tarot, Gemstones, and Mediumship abilities. She also does Angel readings, Psychometry and is a Medical Intuitive. Anne is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master. She also has a certification with Silva Mind. She has assisted police in solving crimes. She is also an ordained Minister with The Church of Radiant Lights.
Anne has been featured in newspapers, magazines, television and radio.
Her clients are located throughout the United States, and abroad.


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